Top 3 Effective Strategies for an Eye-Catching Homepage Design for UK-based website

A homepage is a gateway to your website. It offers an overview of what you can find inside, its main purpose is to get visitors interested in continuing their search within the website, but also to keep them browsing. So it has to be eye-catching and undertaking.

Written below are four effective strategies for a successful homepage design.

  1. Tell a story, sell the sizzle, not the steak, focus on benefits

One of the best ways to get your point across is to tell an interesting story. People are naturally drawn to hearing stories. How else did you learn what you know? Stories trigger emotions and engage visitors. So instead of explaining everything about your services in one paragraph, write a short story that tells visitors why they should learn more about your company by clicking on the button “read more”. That way people can see what really matters other than just what you do.

Similarly, a Glasgow website design company noted that another effective way to design an eye-catching homepage is selling the sizzle not the steak. People want to be entertained before they make any purchase. They want to feel good about what they choose, but they want to know what the benefits are before all that. If a product or a service is priced cheaply that’s not a reason enough for consumers to purchase it. They need to know that in addition, they get exactly what their money pays for and no more. So when talking about your business on your homepage, don’t just tell people what you do, sell them by emphasizing the benefits of doing business with your company.

  1. Make it different!

This one may sound like shouting fire in a crowded movie theater, but setting yourself apart from competitors is probably the most important step of creating an effective homepage design. First of all, make sure your text is easy to read; use large fonts (around 20-24 pt), short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and so on. Second, you can switch the layout of your page to attract more visitors. Just don’t overdo it because people will get confused by too much going on on one page or they’ll think your company is not credible enough.

  1. Be consistent!

As Dublin design company mentioned, you have to keep in mind that design consistency is something that makes the website easy for users to navigate. Therefore, when you are making changes in the webpage structure try to apply them everywhere across the site. That being said, before changing anything make sure that changing that particular thing will be helpful in accomplishing the main purpose of your website i.e., convincing visitors to buy from you. This way you won’t lose customers just because your page looks different from the rest of your site.


In conclusion, by sticking to the basics, telling interesting stories and making it different from others you can design an eye-catching homepage which will attract as many people as possible. A homepage is not just a ‘welcome’ sign to your website; it has several functions that have to be fulfilled in order for your business to achieve its main purpose. It has to inform visitors about what you do, sell the sizzle not the steak by emphasizing benefits and creating a sense of credibility, but also it should be easy on the eyes. Make sure you work with a design or digital marketing agency to deliver you results that you want.